The Past, Present, and Future of Wealth is Private.

Own Nothing,

– John D. Rockefeller

Your freedom is our priority.

The Secret of the Wealthy

Team ALL Trust© is bringing the same secret, tools and strategies of the “1%” to everyone. We are a company built to educate, specializing in the expert administration and operation of private, express trusts. Our mission is to help you reclaim your birth right and unlock the power of your wealth, providing educational resources along the way to ensure you form the necessary foundation to confidently operate your life and business(es) in the private.

Why Team All Trust?

Reduce personal and tax liability

Protect and shelter all assets

Create generational legacies

It's not just what you make, it's what you keep!

This Special “Non-Statutory, Private & Irrevocable Trust” can be the key to your kindgom. Its actually the key to every kingdom. And it’s your birth right.

Private Trusts are not just for businesses or rich families.

W-2 Employees

Donate your monthly earnings to the Trust and your income tax liability is greatly reduced, if not completely eliminated.

W-9 Contractors

Reassign your 1099 pay check directly to the trust fund and it's bank account and your individual tax liability is eliminated.

You then pay all of your expenses from the allowance provided by the Trust, giving you elite status tax benefits! George Carlin said, “it’s a BIG club and you ain’t in it.” He was wrong. You are in it, you just weren’t invited.

Who Benefits from a Private Trust?

Donations to the Trust

You personally donate your income to the private trust. And your other business endevours donates to the trust instead of paying you personally.

Donations to the Trust

You no longer have a personal income. The Trust covers your expenses in the form of an allowance.

Donations to the Trust

This Trust is a non-filing lawful entity. This is NOT tax evasion, it is tax avoidance through a legal shelter.

How Can We Help You?

We would like to provide you with a simple way to save money on your taxes by using private trusts as a tax shelter. Putting your assets and yourself into a trust means removing yourself from any liability, such as being sued by outside parties.

These measures will eliminate risk and liability from any and all business affairs and transactions.

Create An Asset Shelter And Protection Plan That Utilizes Legal Strategies That Can Deter A Potential Claimant Or Prevent The Seizure Of Your Assets In Advance Of A Lawsuit.

We will help you with creating a legal tax shelter.


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